Failing to use the right strategy can cost you literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in unclaimed Social Security income over your lifetime and potentially put your surviving spouse at serious financial risk. This class provides valuable tips on how to maximize your benefit. We will also discuss: spousal benefits, divorcee benefits, and widow/widower benefits.
$250,000 can be left on the table if you don’t select your benefits correctly
567 Ways a married couple can claim Social Security benefits
76% Increase in your Social Security income if you claim the right way
Thousands of dollars in spousal, divorcee, and widow benefits are available
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Believe it or not, women are one of the most under-served sectors of the financial community. One of the best workshops you will ever experience about how women handle money.  Attend this class to gain the tools on:

How to secure a fruitful retirement

Managing your money, while managing the household
Learn what the financial community doesn't want you to know
Reduce your financial risk, while you maximize your results
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Planning for retirement is a serious task.  This class is designed to make retirement fun and easy, by teaching you the essential ideas which will maximize the chances of your retirement success. 

This class will discuss:

How much money you need to be able to retire today
How to avoid common retirement pitfalls in today' economy

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Our speakers are financial advisor professionals that are informed, up-to-date and entertaining.  They give regular public presentations to companies, schools and organizations in order to educate the public on relevant topics which will empower them to make better financial decisions.  Our speakers will all be available after each class to answer personal questions and give guidance to those who have attended the seminars. Our speakers will not be selling products rather informing consumers on how they can maximize their financial success in today's economy.  
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